About Us

In the sixth year of Entle’s life, the world has changed dramatically. Technology is now embedded into
every facet of life – work, home, and public spaces. With the forth industrial revolution upon us, EKS is
leveraging on various technologies. We are currently operating in two spheres; Corporate Branding and
ICT services.

We are innovative and creative, and just love giving meaning to companies, products or services by
creating and shaping brands in consumers’ mind through our out of the box designs. We pride ourselves
on coming up with fresh ideas.

We love technology and incorporate it in our daily lives. We provide managed IT support services that work
for the customer. We love everything digital and are obsessed with the experience. Through our cloud offerings
we can give customers a great digital experience.

We have well established organizations rooting for us, we are currently incubated by The Innovation Hub and
Black Umbrellas

100% Black Owned

B-BBEE Level 1

100% Youth Owned

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